Sunday, August 11, 2013

How To Install Windows XP Step By Step With Screenshot

                           Install Windows XP Step By Step.

Step-1      Turn on your computer then press Del ,F9 ,F2......  to enter the system BIOS.

Step-2      Go to Boot menu and choose first boot device is set to CD/DVD ROM.

Step-3      And then Press F 10 to save the configuration and exit automatically restart your system.

Step-4      Insert Windows xp CD into your DVD drive and start up your System  Windows xp run automatically then Loading Files.

Step-5      You will see a new Windows install, Repair previous install or quit. Since we are doing a new install we just press Enter to continue.

Step-6      You will be presented with The End User Licensing Agreement. Press F8 to accept and continue.

Step-7      This step is very important. Here we will create the partition where Windows will be installed. If you have a brand new unformatted drive you will get a screen similar to below. In our case the drive size is 8190MB. We can choose to install Windows in this drive without creating a partition, hence use the entire size of the drive. If you wish to do this you can just press enter and Windows will automatically partition and format the drive as one large drive.

However for this demonstration I will create two partition. The first partition will be 6000MB (C: drive) and second partition would be 2180MB (E: drive). By creating two partition we can have one which stores Windows and Applications and the other which stores our data. So in the future if anything goes wrong with our Windows install such as virus or spyware we can re-install Windows on C: drive and our data on E: drive will not be touched. Please note you can choose whatever size partition your like. For example if you have 500GB hard drive you can have two partition of 250GB each.

Press C to create a partition.

Step-8      Windows will show the total size of the hard drive and ask you how much you want to allocate for the partition you are about to create. I will choose 6000MB. You will then get the screen below. Notice it shows C: Partition 1 followed by the size 6000 MB. This indicates the partition has been created. We still have an unpartitioned space of 2189MB. Next highlight the unpartitioned space by pressing down the arrow key. Then press C to create another partition. You will see the total space available for the new partition. Just choose all the space left over, in our case 2180MB.

Step-9      Now you will see both partition listed. Partition 1 (C: Drive) 6000MB and Partition 2 (E: Drive) 2180MB. You will also have 8MB of unpartitioned space. Don't worry about that. Just leave it how its is. Windows normally has some unpartitioned space. You might wonder what happened to D: drive. Windows has automatically allocated D: drive to CD/DVD-ROM.

Select Partition 1 (C: Drive) and press Enter.

Step-10      Press ENTER to Format the partition to confirm your selection and Continue.

Step-11      The progress bar as Setup formats the partition.

Step-12      Setup is now figuring out what files to copy over to the hard drive.

Step-13      Please wait while Setup copies files.

Step-14      Please wait while Setup initializes your Windows XP configuration.

Step-15      ENTER to Restart the Computer is the only option available.

Step-16      The new Windows XP boot screen is displayed.

Step-17      After the setup has completed copying the files the computer will restart. Leave the XP CD in the drive but this time DO NOT press any key when the message "Press any key to boot from CD" is displayed. In few seconds setup will continue. Windows XP Setup wizard will guide you through the setup process of gathering information about your computer.

Step-18      Choose your region and language.

Step-19      Type in your name and organization.

Step-20      Enter your product key.


Step-21      Name the computer, and enter an Administrator password. Don't forget to write down your Administrator password.

Step-22      Enter the correct date, time and choose your time zone.

Step-23      Wait here while the Network is installing.

Step-24      For the network setting choose typical and press next.

Step-25      Choose workgroup or domain name. If you are not a member of a domain then leave the default settings and press next. Windows will restart again and adjust the display.

Step-26      Restart the Computer Windows XP boot screen is displayed.

Step-27     Display Settings Select OK to continue.

Step-28     To begin, click your user name Login to the Administrator account.

Step-29      Applying computer settings.... Please wait while the Administrator account is configured “for the first time”.

Step-30      Congratulations, you have just successfully installed Windows XP.


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