Sunday, August 18, 2013

How To Install Ubuntu Step By Step.

                                                            Install Ubuntu
 Step-1     The first thing you should do is head to and download Ubuntu Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (.iso) of the LiveCD from the Ubuntu website. Choose your flavour Just click and download.

Step-2     Using your disc burning software, burn the .iso you downloaded to a CD.

Step-3     Go to Boot menu and choose first boot device is set to CD/DVD ROM.

Step-4     Insert Ubuntu CD into your DVD drive and start up your System Ubuntu run automatically then Loading Files.

 Step-5     You can try Ubuntu without making any changes to your computer or you can install Ubuntu Now i will install Ubantu.

Step-6     The LiveCD will now load. This is a full Ubuntu installation running on your RAM, it hasn't changed your hard disk drive at all.
Step-7     Preparing to install Ubuntu click continue.
Step-8 What would you like to do - Erase disk and install Ubuntu or Something else.i'll go with Erase disk and install Ubuntu.
Step-9     Install Ubuntu alongside Microsoft Windows xp Professional.


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